My dog [Rico]

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The Hippo ninja

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This is the story about a ninja hippo with an afro. his master sensei smurf ask hippo ninja if he wanted to go on his most dangerous mission yet. His mission is to go to africa and destroy the sensei smurfs evil brother. He accepted this task. the next morning Hippo ninja set of from holly wood. That night He was in new york, new york. hippo ninja had to find a hotel and get some Zzzzzzzzs. He went to three rivers casino. After two hours of gambling and losing all his money, He went to sleep in like two seconds. He woke up and he was in a steel cage. Ninja hippo saw that he was on a boat, a flying boat. So he went back to sleep. He woke up about five minutes later when he started to hear explosion it was Tyler Alllen exploding all over the world. But that wasn’t it there were monkeys and hippos flying around making loud noises so he told them to shut up because he wanted to sleep. About fifteen minutes later they started to make really loud noises and ninja hippo was really mad so he got his dragon out of his pocket and melted the cage down. When he started to leave the boat he saw two sensei smurfs and he said “WHAT!?!?!?!?!?”. But one of the smurfs was speaking spanish and ninja hippo couldn’t understand him except for three words TICKLE ME ELMO! But the other one was speaking English and that was sensei smurf.He jumped out off the boat and did a triple backflip and landed on the spanish speaking smurf. He choked it and it died. what are you doing! yelled sensei smurf, that was my wife! oh no i thought it was your brother. so sensei smurf punched him in the gut and ninja hippo screamed so loud he woke up the birds in alaska. They flew down and dropped grenades ¬†on him and he blew up. Ninja hippo started crying he just killed his master and his masters wife. So he jumped up back on to the boat. They handcuffed him to his cage intill he rotted away. The dragon ate his flesh. THE END.

The thing people tend to do the most is beat up a hippo.
I don't know why because hippos are dangerous and ugly.
People who do that are mean because hippos are awesome.
Alot of people like to wrestle too.

Mr. Heinz’s class

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What I did well on in Mr. Heinz’s class is my WordPress. Something I could do better on is my wiki i need to write stuff because all I have on there is pics. something i enjoyed about class is the party’s. there are awesome!!!! we get cool snacks like chips and jolly ranchers,and we get to watch a movie. we watched elf once. I also like that i learned how to use WordPress and the wiki‘s. thing i would like to change in this class are the loud peoples but that means that I would have to be quiet myself.

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the spoon and the knife

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Once upon a time in a small house there was a knife, he was a pleading knife he was always pleading about something. Today he was pleading for a spoon. The knifes mom went out to find a spoon, she found a spoon on the side of the road. The knifes mom ask the spoon if the spoon wanted to come home with her to her son robert the knife, I guess that spoon was a desperate spoon because he followed the mom knife to the house. The mom knife found her son robert on an icy saucer yelling I WANT A SPOON! Robert’s mom¬†introduce him to the spoon. (the spoons name was joefurto). Robert and joefurto were friends all there life, until the knife fell of the counter and chopped the spoon in half and the spoon died.

im creepy and i make kids cry and screm mt dew

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